Total Way Image Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, previously named Thai Why Ishihara Co., Ltd., a joint venture among 3 strong shareholders, Saha Pathana Inter Holding Public Co., Ltd., Why Co., Ltd., and Itokin Japan Co., Ltd.

The company has strived and strengthened its excellence in all business aspects to become the leading multi-brand leather goods manufacturers in Asia. Our first production started with “Why” brand in 1988 with 16 employees. In 1994, the company has changed its name to Total Way Image Co., Ltd., with a continuous growth in manufacturing various licensed and house brands including ELLE, NATURALIZER, PARI PASSU, MK MICHEL KLEIN, and HOW.

Across 20 years of experiences, the company is committed to develop high quality designs and products with great care in material selection and finish quality to create the entire value for our customers. We assure that our quality workmanship and extensive experiences will guarantee excellent customer satisfaction as our vision is to become one of the best premium quality leather goods manufacturers in Thailand.